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Borshi, a beauty that seduce

Air View

Very close to Saranda, in the area known as the touristic village of Borsh, is located Blue Days Hotel. It is the best place for some calmness in the Albanian Riviera, started as a pizzeria 10 years ago. The rooms at the hotel are well furnished with facilities such as air conditioner, hair dryer, toilet, shower and the showering products, mini bar, cable TV, wireless internet, etc. Meanwhile you can have a game at the sports fields, your kids can play at the children’s playground. For you is also available the use of the gorgeous private beach, the chaise lounge or even a motor bike. Besides the commodities of the rooms and the fun time on other facilities, you can enjoy some time at one of the 3 bars or you can taste the delicious taste of food at one of the two restaurants, where you can also enjoy the taste of the professionalism of the pizzeria with a 10 years of tradition. The professional staff from the capital is at your service at all times in this hotel that is the first touristic initiative in the area. You will experience your blue days of relaxation only at the Blue Days Hotel.

Sopoti CastleMessage of the ancient world.Techniques and building walls and black glazed pottery dated the citadel of Borshi in IV-III century BC. About 2400 years ago started and stopped there for months Kosovans serious noise, you hit the iron chisels to disconnect from Mount bl **** heavy big as a truck. Surrounded surface reaches 5 hectares (50 000 m2), enough to be called a city.
Life was born there in IV-III century. Illyria was then covered by a dense network of cities, and there may not even born here one such, because the climate was temperate, fertile land, water sources and numerous cross roads. Castle historians mentioned in many books Byzantine, Venetian scholars, but also in Turkish fiscal records. It has a very interesting history, is burned and destroyed and is back on earth, as a symbol of Albanian resistance and desire for revival.
Badhres Castle, residence-year 3400
In the left-Borshi ruges Piqeras automobile, on a hill not very high, is Badhres prehistoric fortress, the ruins of which are preserved traces of a 3400 settlement - year. In the most elevated hill with the castle walls are the raw stone upon another man 2-2.20 m width, and height in most of the store reaches 1m.
Castle Badhres as the technique of building walls as well as the archaeological material represents one of the earliest stages of the construction of the fortified settlements, detailed in the bronze era in our country, thus throwing light on the organization Illyrian tribal patriarchal society , in the second millennium BC.



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